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Greif UK Invests in IBC Bottle Production and Establishes JV with Delta Containers

Date: 2020-08-18

To further strengthen its position as a global leader in industrial packaging, Greif has now ventured into a partnership with Delta Containers and formed a new Joint Venture company, Greif Delta Plastics UK LTD.

Greif Delta Plastic UK LTD will operate with the new logo:






Delta is the UK’s leading independent supplier of reconditioned IBC’s providing new, reconditioned and remanufactured IBC’s nationwide. Based in Manchester UK, Delta operate two IBC washing lines, an IBC rebottling & remanufacturing facility plus a complete plastic recycling & pelletising extrusion line. With these combined facilities Delta has positioned itself as a business looking to the future offering sustainable and environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

The new Joint Venture business will manufacture new blow molded 1000ltr inner bottles for use in various models of IBC with plans to expand into the manufacture of Greif brand GCUBE IBC’s in the near future. The blow molder is installed at Greif EP site and is fully operational as of 13th August 2020.

With the formation of the new JV, Greif continues to strengthen its footprint in the IBC market in Northwestern Europe. The investment is in line with the strategic plan and serves as a foundation for an expanded and continued growth in industrial packaging. Greif Delta Plastics UK Ltd look forward to providing the highest market standards and building a sustainable long-term business with you in the years ahead.

In case of any questions, please contact:

At Greif : David Khanna                                          At Delta : Adam White
Email : David.khanna@greif.com                           Email : Adam.W@deltacontainers.com

Key figures

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16,000 Colleagues greif key-figure image-2
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